Friday, 31 January 2014


It is not safe sleeping in a car. 

Creepy men hang around and just stare at me. Maybe they are taken aback by my beauty! Once they start hanging around I have to leave where I have parked the car for the night -  there goes my ensuite (public toilet). More petrol.

One night near Storey Bridge I woke up hearing noises. It was about 2am. Three guys were walking around my car. I dug deeper into my quilt. It was winter. I heard them say "There's an alarm." They must have seen the red flash. I was dying to go to the toilet. They were discussing how to break in. I was scared. So I took a risk and stuck my head up. They ran. I left. I didn't go back there, I drove around in circles. My sanctuary had gone again. That was the night before I went to the Brisbane Homeless Hub. I told the staff at the Hub the story. "Oh well", they said. "You have to find somewhere safer."

Another night, I had just started to doze off. There were kids in the carpark on skateboards. It was after midnight. Where were their parents? They spotted me, so I reckon they were doing it on purpose. I had to to move again. It feels like working night shift, yet don't get daytime bed. I cry a lot. I get covered in bites. I have nowhere else to go.

Geeezzz. I just had to move. Two cars pulled up full of young guys. They parked either side of me. The lesson is always park at last parking bay. They all got out looking in my car. I sat up and put the key in the ignition and bolted. I didn’t care if they blocked me, I would have run into them. I gotta get out of this district. Word's getting around that homeless people are around here. I think I'm ok where I am now. I will stay awake and see how I go. So far ok. I have got their regos. That's why it is expensive living in your car, you use petrol because you are always moving.

I should have stayed up north where there are free, safe camping grounds but I need to be here in or near Brisbane for operations. In Brisbane it's hard being homeless in a car. Parking meters start early. I use lot of petrol moving. That's why I left and moved up to the Sunshine Coast. Yes, there are food vans are in Brisbane, but I need to put my safety first.

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