Friday, 31 January 2014

Job in the Outback

I applied for live-in job at an outback pub. 

I borrowed money for petrol and headed out of the city to explore the country. I got to town after a 14-hour drive. The trip used lots of petrol on borrowed money. I got there and they wanted me to start straight away. I was so tired.

They treated me like a dog. Even the accommodation was a dog box. I left. I drove back to the coast. When I got to the Bruce Highway… which way should I go …left or right? I decided 'left'. I went north for winter. 

It still got too cold in the car. I rang the homeless line - nothing. I rang Cairns shelters and they said they could help. I used all my cheque in petrol. When I got to Cairns they said "No sorry, nothing available. Geeeeezzzz!

At least the free camping areas were available up north so I could survive and be safe. Just grey nomads and travellers around. I could stretch out in the car. I didn't have to hide.

The fun didn't last. t needed operations to fix myself and hopefully work again so I came back down south. 

Race week was in in Airlie Beach. The town my second home when I worked in the mines and I lived there in my early twenties. I felt safe. There were always lots of people around,  so knew I could park. I managed to get work for backpackers accommodation, but only for a couple of weeks. So I lived in the car.

If you're Australian in Airlie it is no good, you gotta be an international backpacker. It sucks. Backpackers get cash or work and pay tax and then get the amount they paid in tax back when the return home. I paid one third of my money in tax when I worked in the mines.

Eventually council police moved me on. They gave me a break and allowed me to stay for the longest time, but eventually it was time to go. I tried share accommodation but without work I couldnt get a room. Simple.

I could hardly walk. My foot and ankle were so sore. By this stage I was having cortisone but not working anymore. I needed an operation again.

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