Friday, 31 January 2014

How Does a Homeless Person Prepare Food?

I always clean a public barbecue after use. Do you?

The best inventions ever are the butane burner and long life milk. A homeless gal can't survive without them! Nothing beats setting up my butane burner making my coffee in beautiful locations. I've seen maybe $600 worth of takeaway coffees walk past me in the last week. Who spends $3 or more on coffee?

Queensland just doesn't have the services for the homeless of other states. There are some, but not that many. Food vans are scarce. Soup kitchens are in Brisbane mainly.

Last week, the Salvos gave me a weird box of food, all kinds of different things. All muddled up. It is hard to make a meal from that when you don't have a kitchen. The Uniting Church gave me potatoes and onions that I couldn't cook. I was out of butane gas. 

I always wanted to do a how to survive cookbook. Oh dear Kath - yet another idea. One day. I could give it to charities for people doing it tough.

It's pretty much coffee for breakfast and one decent meal a day if I have the money. Here are the kinds of meals I have had over the last couple of weeks:

  • Sausages for tea 

  • Tinned beans - just ain't the same. Bon Appetite! 

  • Just had a can of chile and mango tuna. Nice but hot. With rice crackers. It was yummy. 
  • 85 cents for beans a potato and carrot. Found a can of chunky tuna in bag. Voila! 
  • Real food. Yum.

  • Feast. Dreams do come true. Two chops and fresh veggies in foil on the barbecue. Spuds, carrot and green beans. Water in the foil to steam the veggies.

  • My toaster. Yummy fried bread. I miss butter. I use canola instead because it doesn't go off. Only rarely do I have fat.

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