Friday, 31 January 2014

Refuges, Help, Charity

Who's to blame for homelessness? Is it me? Is it the system? I don't know the answer.

I have always been homeless at heart. It's all only temporary. Yes I am a gypsy. I wish I had bought a campervan - that would have solved all my problems.

When I was seven I ran away from home and I'm still running. I have a family but I don't. It screws your head up.

Of course there are women refuges. As if I would stay there. Truly – it is safer and quieter in my car. I'm not a druggie or suffering because of domestic violence. No way will I stay in those places.

Once I went to the Brisbane Hub. I sat there all day. I was given fuel voucher and cup-a-soups. I didn't have butane. "Eat it cold", they said. Gee thanks. And next door is a MENS hostel. MENS! They don't do womens. It is a joke, right? Obviously men are more vulnerable! I remember that day well. I watched all the homeless men going inside for lunch. I was hungry too. No food van at the Hub. Mmmm.

What are folk to do if their lives are dysfunctional and they are homeless and they are told that they've already used services too much? Where is the help in Queensland? The budget does not allow for me. I am told that the budget allows for only youth, domestic violence, women with kids or men. It's rude. I slip through the cracks.

I use the shower and washing machine at the charity as often as I can. When I have had shower it is amazing the difference in how I feel.  Clean clothes on and washing in the machine. Wow - the simplest everyday things make a huge difference when you are homeless. I'm lucky this is here aren't I? I feel human again. Washes in toilet blocks just ain't the same. I try my best to stay clean.

I am told that the lists for accommodation houses are all full. Gee thanks. I wait in the government offices all day from 9 am until 3pm for them to tell me that. There is nothing for me. It is a problem. So let me see if I understand - if I drink all day, become a drunk, stick needles in me, kill somebody, shoot in a crowd…I get help. If I do good, I get nothing. Oh Australia, I love you. 

I would like to say to the Australian Government - this is homelessness. Don't I deserve better? Obviously not! Enjoy your dinner, your drinks, your planes and comfy beds.

I have got fight in me. I'm a soldier. But really how much can a girl bear? I guess we will see. I am only ever as good as those people I have helping me. Together and only together can we make the world a better place.

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