Friday, 31 January 2014

How Can You Help?

Has anybody helped a homeless person today? Or are we all invisible to you?

Think of the homeless on days like Australia Day. They are there, they can smell your barbecue. If you see them, please offer for them to join you. Be surprised. You may find a new friend that is very knowledgable and quite an understanding or funny character. By them a coffee, or a meal. Sit a while and chat - we really like that.

Most homeless people are polite and say thank you because they appreciate all that is given. Your assistance is not taken for granted. The simple things make us happy.

Most homeless people keep grief inside. The reclusive, hermit type of behavior is because there is no trust and we fear rejection or hypocrisy if we open up.

A lot do rely on alcohol or smokes drugs to relieve the pain and have a best mate with them that takes them away from reality.

Just last week something happened that made me so aaangrrrryyyy. I had just set up my butane burner and breakfast bag of coffee and so on. I left it on the table near the barbecues and went to the toilet. When I  came back it was all gone. gone! Now what? Geeezzzzz. A $10 burner and a bag of coffee sachels means the world to me. How could they? 

There are no homeless here - all the people are joggers. They have a home, a life, work. 

I was devasted! If I was hanging around homeless people this would not have happened. They respect what little we have. They are honest. They care. Stealing hurts people.

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