Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Bed and a Job - My Angel is Watching Over Me

I have been thinking about my options. I have heard that there is more support in big cities like Melbourne for homeless people like me. So, do I choose Melbourne and possibly find myself a home or do I stay homeless and enjoy the beautiful views? I am a gypsy, I love my outdoors. It is constantly on my mind - night and day.

A couple of nights ago, Artie was talking to me in my dreams. He told me 'kid - its all going to be OK'.

So, the next day the lady who cleans toilets and the river area where I park my car overnight asked me to work for her and offered me the option of living at her house.

What an opportunity.

Yes it is going to hurt my sore body, but I gotta do something that might give me the money to fix my car, to have a home. I can't keep doing what I am doing. Is it a good idea or should I just go to Melbourne? I will have to wear steel cap boots, it is going to hurt my sore foot.  I'm confused.

This lady is pretty keen to help me. So I met her to talk about it. I have decided to make the change, and give it a good go. Last night was my last night sleeping in my car - hopefully. I am scared about lots of things, of being let down... Or of not being able to do the work.

If last night is going to be my last public bbq dinner and last night sleeping by the lake, how do I feel? Boo hoo, I feel sad-  how funny is that? It's silly isn't it? I'm going to miss the freedom of being homeless, the bbq, the beauty. who's better off?
I feel real strange, it's scaring me more to go to a home than being homeless. I guess I know that in my car I wont be let down, and I have the beauty of my surroundings. It's weird, I have adjusted to a future of surviving as a homeless woman. I'm scared of having a home. Have I lost the plot?

In the afternoon I had an offer of a bed from someone I knew from years ago. I doubted his motives, so said no. Am I crazy, knocking back a bed and some time watching TV? I prefer bbq and sunrises to mansions.

Yesterday when I left the public barbecue area and went to the lake to think things over and have some quiet, I had a nice couple show up ask me if I'm ok and invite me to their home. I thanked them and told them I was fine. I realise that I was becoming withdrawn. I need to make a move.

Yep Artie told me the other night in my dream that he's been busy. He said 'kid I don't like the way you are living - it's not good.' I' not crazy, he did talk to me last night and today proves it. The emotions are weird, I believe Artie is watching over me.

Funny - I have knocked back 2 beds today and accepted a offer of a job AND a bed. Other days I don't even speak to another human let alone being asked to move into someone's home. Everyone says I'm waking up to the million dollar view. Wow, this is a strange life, but I do believe that I have angels looking after me.


  1. This is a test comment. Some people have had difficulty posting a comment. I am not sure why. Test seems to be working.

  2. You are writing, I believe, not about your situation as a homeless person but rather a commentary on the choices we all have to make in our lives. I'm not homeless, I live in a nice house and have a nice car to drive around in. I pay all my bills on time and can eat in just about any restaurant I want and buy new clothes any time I want.
    What I can't do is decide to take a day off work - or a week, month or year. I can't decide to sleep in my car by the beach because my children would miss me.
    The path I have chosen is full of the material wealth but it comes with responsibilities and commitments. You have chosen a path of freedom from responsibilities but you can't afford the material things. The funny thing is we envy each other's pluses without wanting to give up our own.
    Realising that makes me appreciate the things I have more. I still long for the things I don't have - and maybe someday I'll make a different choice and park next to you by the beach.

    1. Craig, you seem to be saying that Kath has chosen her life. She hasn't. She has found herself homeless because of a series of awful accidents, hard work and being treated badly.
      I am pleased that you like your life, and are willing to tolerate your responsibilities. Not every Australian is that lucky.
      Kath is trying to make the best of a situation that is not of her choosing, she would accept responsibilities too if given the option. She cannot work, there are no stopgap arrangements for her so she can have the surgeries she needs. She has used her cash, and now has nowhere to live. It is really that simple. Janine (I help Kath get her blog together)

  3. no i am writing what i can on a phone i have thrown stories in to make people realise my life and i have lived your life also i have not chosen this path if you read my blog you will understand that injuries and operations and lack of support has forced me into my car. I dont envy you at all been there done that but i am making the most of my life

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