Sunday, 2 February 2014

This is My Kitchen

This is where I cook my meals and make my coffee. 

That's right, a public barbecue area. It is clean now, but by the end of the day it won't be. I always clean a barbecue after I use it so it is ready for the next person. Unfortunately, some members of the public are not so thoughtful. If the barbecue is not very clean, and I can't get it clean enough to use, I cook in foil.

I use a butane stove for making coffee and when I can't cook on a barbecue. Butane is quite cheap. It costs $5 for 4 cans. One can lasts 3 meals and about 10 coffees. I would use it in a house - everyone should. So much cheaper than electricity and quick to heat. The only thing that can go wrong with butane is if it is too windy I can't use it. I do sometimes run out of butane for the stove. 

Once I set up the kettle and stove ready to make my coffee, went to the toilet and when I came back everything was gone. Someone had stolen it - even the coffee. It made me so angry. Angry and sad - who steals from a homeless person? I don't get it.

As far as food goes, I buy fresh as much as possible and spend between $2 to $5 for meals. When can't buy fresh  - I use tinned food. Tins are a more expensive way to shop. 

Petrol for the car is my biggest bill.


  1. Been reading ur blogs must be tough life for u especially when people nick off you.

  2. Hi Paul, Kath is offline a bit for now. Her phone is still not working properly. I will make sure she knows that you have commented. Thanks - have a super day! JM (for Kath) [I help Kath out a bit with the Blog]


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