Monday, 3 February 2014


The  good news is :
I filled a new thyroid prescription this week and the charity going to let me keep it in the fridge so at least I won't have the problem of it going bad.

It's amazing how your thyroid can control everything, especially your emotions, metabolism, weight, hunger, sleep. So maybe I will better with new medication.

I got my thyroid problems through my pregnancy with my son. It's called Graves disease. Before it was controlled I was as skinny as a rake. That and breastfeeding. When I look back at photos, I look anorexic. So skinny. My eyes bulged out too. It's not a nice look. I had a nuclear drink once I finished breastfeeding. It worked, and the problem has been under control as long as I just take one thyroxine a day. But thyroxine has to kept in the fridge. I had a little car fridge but it stopped working.

I couldn't work out why I was feeling so low. I thought it was just car problems and issues with my mum and brother. I found out it that my thyroid was enhancing my emotions. It is a powerful gland and it runs so much of how we function and feel. So this week I have fresh medication and so hopefully that will alleviate the flat feelings from my life.

I know being down is not all from my thyroid issues. It is also homelessness. It makes me cry. Tired. But I pick up. Twitter is my lifeline as I am alone.

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